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Theology Series
Beauty and Reflections For Your Catholic Journey

The beautiful passages in this book will move the heart and fill the spirit. Reflect on uplifting passages from scripture and quotes from the saints. Let them move you to find the spirituality that will help you grow, centering your life in Christ. Open your heart to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

“In her book, Beginning Your Catholic Journey, Elizabeth offers to the reader an inspiring next step to deepen their Catholic faith and answer the universal call to holiness in a distracting world. The selected passages from Scripture, the Catechism and from the lives of the saints gives the reader words of eencouragement to live a life in Christ through virtue, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and a more committed prayer life. It is not a book that is meant to be consumed, but to be slowly digested being led by the Holy Spirit.""

Father Michael Simoes,
Parish Priest, St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish, Mississauga

""Beginning Your Catholic Journey is an inspiring first step on the path towards a stronger faith and a more fulfilled life focused on holiness. The passages and quotations selected encourage the reader to look further, and explore deeper into their faith. It is a wonderful entry into scripture and discovering the spirituality of the Catholic faith. Dip into the pages and let the Holy Spirit work within you to inspire you to a life in Christ."

Father Joseph Grima,
Pastor of Blessed Frédéric Ozanam Parish, Markham



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Elizabeth Pietrantonio