Elizabeth Pietrantonio

Week 48 - November 29 2020
An Examination of Conscience for Venial Sins – by Liz Estler

“Well, it’s spiritually healthy to confess, without entering into scrupulosity, even small or venial sins. Why? Because the sacrament gives us graces which, if we cooperate with them, help us to grow in virtue and avoid sin. And, habitual small sins weaken our resolve. They keep us attached to the world and worldly things. They make us more vulnerable to mortal sin. They make it easier to say yes to bigger and/or more frequent venial sins until voila! We’ve fallen into mortal sin … once again.”

Week 47 - November 22 2020
Protestant Tours Stunning Catholic Church

“If you love architecture, churches, theology, or history, you'll devour this video. From relics of martyrs to icons with versace necklaces, Cantius has it all. This truly is one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in America. The best part is, everything has intention. The theology of the church is engraved in the floor... literally. You'll just have to see. Get ready to fall in love with St. John Cantius in Chicago, IL and learn more than you ever thought there was to know about the inside of a Catholic Church.” This is more than a tour – it is also a theology refresher. Definitely worth watching!

Week 46 - November 15 2020
Jesus, Teacher of Prayer – General Audience – Pope Francis

“….some characteristics of Christian prayer. First and foremost, it possesses primacy: it is the first desire of the day, something that is practised at dawn, before the world awakens. It restores a soul to that which otherwise would be without breath. A day lived without prayer risks being transformed into a bothersome or tedious experience: all that happens to us could turn into a badly endured and blind fate. Jesus instead teaches an obedience to reality and, therefore, to listening. Prayer is primarily listening and encountering God.”

Week 45 - November 8 2020
Regarding the documentary on Pope Francis – Courage website

…..regarding the documentary film Francesco and some quotes from Pope Francis. “What a privilege it is for me to serve you in this apostolate, and to know that you look to me and to your chaplains for guidance in striving for our Goals and for faithfulness to the Lord and His Church. In this spirit, I am writing to share a few thoughts regarding the controversy that has emerged in the press and on social media.”

Week 44 - November 1 2020
The Communion of Saints – Word on Fire website

“The magnificent diversity of the Saints indicates to us that we have been called to holiness. Holiness is about more than a kind of humanisn, but a deliberate and sincere discipline of life by which we imitate Christ and accept his presence in all the circumstances of our lives.”

Week 43 - October 25 2020
10 Things to Know about Fratelli Tutti – Aleteia website

“Today, October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the Holy Father has released a new encyclical letter, addressed to all men and women of good will. Here are 10 things you need to know about that letter.”

Week 42 - October 18 2020
Choosing All – Catholic Answers Magazine

“In our willing acceptance of our imperfection and weakness, our poverty and our need, God meets us. Thérèse encourages us in childlike confidence to be assured that even the slightest and smallest step toward God is enough to bring down his love and mercy upon us. We can be sure that if we are willing to move towards God as far as we can—be it only a little way—he, in his tender-kindness and goodness, will make up the difference.”

Week 41 - October 11 2020
Do Catholics Worship Saints – Father Mike Schmitz

“Father Mike Schmitz wants to address some confusion regarding Catholics’ veneration of saints. In this video, he explains how—far from idolatry or paganism —statues, paintings, and icons of the saints are reminders of what God can do in someone’s life. Therefore, honoring the saints doesn’t take away from the glory we give God. It actually brings him greater glory.”

Week 40 - October 4 2020
Encountering Christ in the Sacraments – Office of Formation for Discipleship Quarterly Newsletter

“This newsletter is entirely dedicated to sacramental preparation during COVID-19. Over the next few pages, you’ll be hearing from my colleagues at the OFD: Connie on COVID-19 as a return to the basics, Beverly on how to prepare for sacramental preparation, and Patrick on how to engage families in sacramental preparation.” To register for the newsletter, click on: Quarterly Newsletter

Week 39 - September 27 2020
Good Catholic Digital Content

“Good Catholic is an online platform that offers digital content series designed to inspire people to live a more devout and joyful Catholic life. Our content series cover a variety of topics within the Catholic faith, and are presented in a dynamic combination of in-depth text, video commentary, and audio — which you can read, watch, and listen to at your convenience."

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