Elizabeth Pietrantonio


Book 2 of the Stella Hudson High Series
The Case of the Locker Room Thief

There is a thief at Stella Hudson High causing frustration and fear! The STEM Jets join up with the Juggernauts to try and solve the case, but the going gets tough as the thief evades the traps they set. Can the tough get going? Can they catch the thief? And somewhere along the line, math class seems more interesting as Maddie ventures into a whole new project.

“The Case of the Locker Room Thief provides a connection to empathy, problem solving and navigating life as a teenager while continuing to explore new challenges. I remember the struggles I experienced in my adolescence and how nervous I was to tell my friends in order to avoid judgement; this book shows that these feelings are completely normal. This story exemplifies how all the skills we learn are applicable in everythiing we do throughout our lives. Highly recommended to engage young readers in life skills.”

Angela Wojtyla, P.Eng.
Director of Consulting, CGI
Board Member and Chair of WEACT, OSPE

Book 1 of the Stella Hudson High Series
The Case of the Robot Sabotage

Jazz thinks she and her friends are up for the challenge of a robotics competition—but are they? Will they get going when the going gets tough? Will they get the support they need? And what can they do when parts start going missing? Join Jazz and her friends, Scottie, Theo, and Esther as they take on this new adventure!

“The Case of the Robot Sabotage is an amazing story that will inspire young women to reach for the stars, and take on challenges outside their comfort zone. I really enjoyed reading how a bit of healthy competition propelled the STEM Jets into a confident team who used their diverse skills to overcome their obstacles.”

Kathy Lerette C.E.T.
SVP Business Transformation
Alectra Utilities

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