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Books by Elizabeth Pietrantonio

Sam and Tobias Find Their Way

Jesse's Journey with Jonah

The Gate Through the Old Elm Tree

Beauty and Reflections

The Case of the Robot Sabotage

The Case of the Locker Room Thief

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Sam and Tobias Find Their Way

Now available ......

I love the Book of Tobit – and not just because we get to know Raphael the Archangel. I love Tobit because the characters, all in different ways, demonstrate a real trust in God. Tobit never stops trusting God. Even when he can take it no longer, he trusts God to answer his prayer to die. Sarah trusts God in the same way.

But, as with most books of the bible, we see God answering prayers as only He can – demonstrating that He knows what is best for us! In this book, God sends his archangel Raphael down to execute His plan.

Both Tobias and Sam trust Raphael completely – and by extension, God. We see good men act to chase out evil. Tobias, through his actions, chases away the jealous demon and Sam, through his actions, chases away the town bully.


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Jesse's Journey with Jonah

When Jesse, a player on the school basketball team, decides that he needs to stand up for students who are being bullied by his teammates, he is anxious about the consequences. Rummaging through his closet to put off the inevitable, he is completely unprepared for the incredible journey he was about to take!

Join Jesse as he travels with the reluctant prophet, Jonah, who can’t find the courage he needs to issue a warning to the people of Nineveh. Witness, with Jesse, the power of God as unlikely heroes prepare Nineveh for an awakening that will rock the very monarchy that brought such destruction to God’s people.

Through the adventures of Jesse and his new friend, a small but mighty monkey named Malkuno, discover where courage is found. Get caught up in the battles to be fought and the importance of mercy and forgiveness in a city that has to change.


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The Gate Through the Old Elm Tree - Now available!

Esther and her little dog, Shimei, fall from the old elm tree into Ancient Persia. Join them on their adventure - court intrigue, friendship, loyalty, courage.


"Esther is terrified of making speeches. Little does she know that she will be called upon to make the most important speech of her life. The Gate Through the Old Elm Tree is an engaging tale, with memorable characters and enchanted animals that will plunge you into the kingdom of ancient Persia and keep you riveted until the final lines."

Babe Santucci 

Retired Catholic Educator and Curriculum Consultant, Ontario

"In this enchanting book you enter a mythical world of good verses evil and are held spellbound to the very end. The author weaves a marvelous tale that invites you to meet biblical characters in a most creative way. Highly recommended for children who love fantasy and fiction woven in a truly imaginative fashion."

Mary Heather MacKinnon, SSND, D.Min.

"Grade 11 student Esther is discouraged by her fears, but through this wonderfully woven time traveller’s fantasy, she is able to live up to her name by finding within herself the courage and confidence to do what is right. This beautifully crafted tale will engage junior, middle and high school readers while transporting them to the Land of Ancient Persia, where Esther discovers that evil intrigue can ultimately be overcome by faith in all that is good."

Lynn D Cardinal 

Retired Middle School Principal, Ontario 

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Excited readers showing off their copies of The Gate Through the Old Elm Tree!

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Beauty and Reflections - Latest Release

Beauty and Reflections was written for those who are new to the Christian faith and for those re-engaging with their faith. It is a wonderful gift for Confirmation kids and RCIA candidates. It is also a beautiful book for those taking Alpha and CCO programs as it gives them a first step in reading the bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church as well as introducing them to the saints.


"In her book, Beginning Your Catholic Journey, Elizabeth offers to the reader an inspiring next step to deepen their Catholic faith and answer the universal call to holiness in a distracting world. The selected passages from Scripture, the Catechism and from the lives of the saints gives the reader words of encouragement to live the life in Christ through virtue, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and a more committed prayer life. It is not a book that is meant to be consumed, but to be slowly digested being lead by the Holy Spirit." 

Father Michael Simoes

Parish Priest, St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish, Mississauga

"Beginning Your Catholic Journey is an inspiring first step on the path towards a stronger faith and a more fulfilled life focused on holiness. The passages and quotations selected encourage the reader to look further, and explore deeper into their faith. It is a wonderful entry into scripture and discovering the spirituality of the Catholic faith. Dip into the pages and let the Holy Spirit work within you to inspire you to a life in Christ." 

Fr. Joseph Grima

Pastor of Blessed Frédéric Ozanam Parish, Markham

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The Case of the Robot Sabotage

Book 1 - Stella Hudson High Series

Jazz thinks she and her friends are up for the challenge of a robotics competition—but are they? Will they get going when the going gets tough? Will they get the support they need? And what can they do when parts start going missing? Join Jazz and her friends, Scottie, Theo, and Esther as they take on this new adventure!


“The Case of the Robot Sabotage is an amazing story that will inspire young women to reach for the stars, and take on challenges outside their comfort zone.   I really enjoyed reading how a bit of healthy competition propelled the STEM Jets into a confident team who used their diverse skills to overcome their obstacles.”     

Kathy Lerette C.E.T.
SVP Business Transformation
Alectra Utilities


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On display at one of the Okanagan Libraries.
At the time of the photo, The Case of the Robot Sabotage was checked out!
How cool is that!!!!

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The Case of the Locker Room Thief

Book 2 - Stella Hudson High Series

There is a thief at Stella Hudson High causing frustration and fear! The STEM Jets join up with the Juggernauts to try and solve the case, but the going gets tough as the thief evades the traps they set. Can the tough get going? Can they catch the thief? And somewhere along the line, math class seems more interesting as Maddie ventures into a whole new project.


"The Case of the Locker Room Thief provides a connection to empathy, problem solving and navigating life as a teenager while continuing to explore new challenges. I remember the struggles I experienced in my adolescence and how nervous I was to tell my friends in order to avoid judgement; this book shows that these feelings are completely normal. This story exemplifies how all the skills we learn are applicable in everything we do throughout our lives. Highly recommended to engage young readers in life skills." 

Angela Wojtyla, P.Eng.

Director of Consulting, CGI

Board Member and Chair of WEACT, OSPE


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