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Weekly links to articles, documents and media about faith

The Hero's Journey - Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr - Center for Action and Contemplation website

February 24 2024

“The hero’s journey is not to just keep going to new places, making the trip a vacation or travelogue. We have to return to where we started and know it in a new way and do life in a new way.”

Scott Hahn Bible Studies - website

February 18 2024

Take time, this Lenten season, to get deeper into Scripture. Scott Hahn has a number of six lesson bible studies on his St. Paul Center website. Take up the challenge! Learn more about our ancestors through God’s Word.

Stories Matter - Richard Rohr - Center for Action and Contemplation website

February 11 2024

“A framing story gives people direction, values, vision, and inspiration by providing a framework for their lives….” This is the first meditation in a two week study inspired by The Seventh Story, an e-book written by Brian McLaren and Gareth Higgins.

St. Thomas Aquinas for Year of Prayer 2024 - Weekly Prayer from website

February 4 2024

“Revered for being a theological giant, St. Thomas’ hymns and prayers are equally compelling. We are struck by the realism of this prayer in which St. Thomas asks for the grace to lead a holy life.” For the Year of Prayer designated by Pope Francis, publishes a weekly prayer to grow in this year.

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