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Weekly links to articles, documents and media about faith

The Passion of Jesus Christ: 50 Reasons He Came to Die - by John Piper

March 26 2023

This book has three main strengths:

  1. It has short chapters that are easy to understand. This makes the book very readable. It also means you can pick it up and put it down easily.

  2. It is a doctrinally rich book. Although the chapters are short, they are deep. Indeed many beautiful doctrines are unpacked and explained.

It is heart warming and practical. This is no dry theology, this is true theology – a doxology.

Daily Catholic Wisdom Quotes and Reflections - website

March 19 2023

“Receive Catholic reflections and quotes every morning from saints, literary giants, and relevant voices from today. These daily inspirational snippets only take about 60 seconds to read and sign-up is free. You can also enjoy exclusive discounts on the products we feature every day.” I love receiving Catholic quotes and reflections each morning. It is a great start to every day!

How to Grow as a Disciple During Lent - by Antonio Guzman -

March 12 2023

“Every day is an opportunity to grow in our relationship with God, but Lent in particular gives us a designated time to reflect more deeply and with less distractions on our relationship with him. As many of us know, Lent is a time that invites us to mature in that relationship with the God who created us through prayer, fasting and almsgiving. It is a designated period in the liturgical calendar that invites us to metanoia to return to God again, repenting of all our evils and transforming our hearts and minds to resemble God more and more each day.”

The Complete Guide to the Lenten Season - app

March 5 2023

“There is no better time to reconnect with or deepen one’s faith than Lent. During this time, we can draw closer to God as we prepare for the joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection at Easter…… Lent can be an incredibly rewarding time for our faith lives. Let Hallow guide you through the most meaningful Lent you’ve ever experienced.” Check out the Hallow app.

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