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The 4 Ways to Read Scripture Every Catholic Should Know – Aleteia website

February 21 2021

“The Four Senses of Scripture - The medievals had a little Latin rhyme which says “Litera gesta docet, Quid credas allegoria,Moralis quid agas, Quo tendas anagogia.” Translated poetically, it means: “The literal teaches what God and our ancestors did, / The allegory is where our faith and belief is hid, / The moral meaning gives us the rule of daily life, /  The anagogy shows us where we end our strife.””

Reasons Catholics Should Read the Bible - Aleteia website

February 14 2021

“By reading Scripture we accustom ourselves to hearing God speak. The more attuned to the logic of salvation we become by knowing God in the Scriptures, the more readily we will hear God speaking to us.”

Praying on Paper – by Terry Hershey - St Anthony Messenger Press

February 7 2021

“I do know this. When we stop the noise, we make (allow) space to practice the sacrament of the present—in the specific, the mundane, the daily, and the particular. I am here—to see, to listen, to touch, to give, to heal. And the first person to tell about it is yourself. That’s why you journal. I know that’s why I journal.”

Addiction and Redemption – by Jim Wahlberg - The Coming Home Network

January 31 2021

“If you had told me as a kid growing up in Dorchester, Massachusetts that I would be where I am today, I would not have believed you. I don’t think anyone would have believed that, but God had different plans. I found sobriety — a true miracle — and a full life in Jesus, and my life has been permanently changed.”

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