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The Prodigal - The Skit Guys video

June 20 2021

A great telling of The Prodigal Son! Enjoy! “A son takes his inheritance and leaves his home and loving father only to discover that his idea of freedom isn't all it's cracked up to be. Watch this retelling of the parable of the Prodigal Son.”

Culture is the Way of the New Evangelization – by Monika Jablonska – National Catholic Register

June 13 2021

“May wisdom inspire us! May love guide us! May faith keeps us strong! The power of good is priceless and its fruits will be spreading on future generations all around the world: from universal to particular.”

Our Faith is in Community – Richard Rohr – Center for Action and Contemplation

June 6 2021

“On my own, I don’t know how to believe that I am a child or heir of God. It is being together in our wholeness, with the entire body of Christ, that makes it somehow easier to believe that we are beautiful. We each have our own little part of the beauty, our own gifts of the Spirit, as Paul puts it in 1 Corinthians 12……All we have to do is discover our own gift, even if it is just one thing, and use it for the good of all.”

The Struggle of Prayer – Pope Francis General Audience – May 12 2021

May 30 2021

“Christian prayer, like all Christian life, is not a “walk in the park”. None of the great people of prayer we meet in the Bible and in the history of the Church found prayer “comfortable”. ….. Praying is not something easy, and this is why we flee from it. Every time we want to pray, we are immediately reminded of many other activities, which at that moment seem more important and more urgent.”

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