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Pray .....

This is the last of the three things that keep Jesus at the center of your life and open your heart to trusting in God. So as we begin a fresh start, there are just three simple steps: stay in a state of grace, do your duty and pray.

For me, there are two ways prayer enters my day - short spontaneous prayer throughout the day as the mood takes me, and prayer with an established rhythm. Setting aside time each day for a more structured prayer is so important.

There are so many documents, books, articles, videos and workshops on prayer. It can seem overwhelming! My suggestion would be to start with the Examen prayer and then build up your own prayer card. The important elements of prayer are:

Thanksgiving - Did you notice a beautiful bird? A blue sky? The calming sound of rain? Did someone call you? Was there an opportunity to help someone? Did you smile?

Review - Did you notice God in your life today - a God-moment? When were you the best you could be? When were you not? Look at your day through the eyes of God - would He be smiling?

Repentance - Turn your eyes back to God and see Him looking at you. Ask for forgiveness for the times when you were not the best you could.

Look toward the day ahead - What graces and gifts do you need from the Holy Spirit for your day ahead? Who do you need to pray for?

Creating your own prayer card will energize you and help you to commit to a prayerful life. Establish your own prayer rhythm!

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