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Faith and Wonder

Here's Benny on a visit to Toronto - first one since 2019! He was brave enough to go up the CN Tower in the most amazing elevator and gaze out over even the tallest buildings. When he came back down to the ground, he couldn't contain his excitement! "Nana, I walked on the glass floor!" And after a slight pause, "And it didn't break...."

Benny has just taught us the most wonderful lesson about faith. In faith, walk across the glass floor. Then, later, let the wonder of what you have done fill your heart and give you pause. And Benny realized before he came back to earth that he walked on the glass floor but not breaking had nothing to do with him.

Walk across the glass floor in faith and later, pause and thank our Lord, our Creator, to bring you safely to the other side.

We walk in faith and, in faith, we trust in God. Don't ever let the wonder and glory of it all leave you! Thanks be to God!

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