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Time, Treasure, Talent

I've been thinking lately about what I give each day to God. I worry that I give only from my wallet and that I might have ignored the 'time' and 'talent' part of my giving.

On reflection, it seems to me that there are times in your life where giving of treasure is the only thing you can manage. A busy work schedule, a hectic home life and demanding family pressures leave no room for you to give of your time or think about your talent.

But once I retired, things shifted. I had less treasure to give and more time to spend on time and talent. I have been called to evangelization through the books I write and the faith studies I lead. That feels right except that the faith studies have slipped away and I am conscious that I truly need to find my place in those again.

Time, though. That's the one I worry about the most. I've never been involved in missions or soup kitchens or food banks. I can explain away my discomfort about involving myself in those wonderfully giving missions by my surety that God hasn't called me to go that way. But really the thing that holds me back is the commitment that is required to be involved in those things. It seems so long term.

Then, this morning in my prayers, I realized something quite important, My time is taken up lately by family. My mother in a retirement residence requires frequent visits and my grandchildren are often in need of babysitting. Most of the time, both of these things are last minute and urgent.

So I reflected on this. We are made by relationship (The Holy Trinity) for relationship (with God). And there are two most important things God has commanded us to do: Love the Lord our God with all our strength, all our heart and all our soul; and Love our neighbour as we love ourself. Love our family. Look after them. Care for them.

Each time I see my mother, each time I watch over my grandchildren, each time I sit at the table with my husband, I am giving of my time if I do it for the love of God. And I do. I do it for the love of God.

And in return, even a trip to Tim Horton's becomes a celebration for Naomi. Joy fills our hearts and our lives when we give of our time, treasure and talent. Ask God how you can give. Then celebrate in the giving!

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