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Thoughts of God and war .....

My heart feels so heavy as I watch what is happening in Europe. I am so overcome by horror and sadness and overwhelming grief - at all moments of the day and during my stirrings at night. It is so difficult to understand how one man, Putin - one bully and tyrant - can not only invade and violate another country, but can promote such lies and propaganda to his own.

And the world seeks continually for ways that they can help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters without escalating the wrath of that tyrant into a world war whose stakes have never been higher.

But at times of deepest despair, I turn my thoughts and prayers to God. The Old Testament recounts many such wars against the Israelites - and, when the Israelite people do what is right in the eyes of God, He turns His hand against their enemies. He throws them into confusion. He creates in them fear and chaos. And then, His beloved Israelites prevail - an army so small next to the massive force of their enemies.

So, my prayers to God are for such help. Through prayers and almsgiving, I put my trust in Him. I trust that He is with us now. I do what I can do to support those who can provide food and aid to the Ukrainian people and I pray constantly throughout the day. I trust that God has a plan. And He is a mighty God.

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