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Batman .....

This is William. He is not Batman. He tells me this every time he puts on those glasses. But, when he wears the glasses, he climbs to the top of the climbing wall, hangs upside down from the highest bar, and runs faster than The Flash. It seems to me that he channels Batman - and I don't say that because I am his Nana.

This month has been truly trying. We moved my mother to a retirement residence. Because of the stress, she has been forgetful, confused and a little nasty. But she is in now and seems to be settling down.

I don't have super-glasses like William, but I did find myself calling on the Holy Spirit to cover me with graces and gifts. I felt that I was trying to climb higher and run faster. And at times, was just upside down hanging on for dear life. But each time I called on the Holy Spirit, things calmed down. The path seemed less daunting and I felt renewed in my heart to continue moving forward.

Now that the dust has cleared and life is getting back to normal, I look back and realize how much I depended on the Holy Spirit during this past month. There is a comfort in that - a knowledge that somehow, even when I wasn't focused on my faith, I was still able to grow - just a little.

Like William is not Batman, I am not a saint but I can channel holiness. And sometimes, just sometimes, I can climb higher and run faster. Thank you, Holy Spirit......

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