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Fishing .....

That's my grandson, Benny, in the photo. He's become my muse. This picture, for instance, gets me thinking about a lot of things related to where I am on my faith journey.

Today, I think about fishing. We are all called to be 'fishers of men'. That's evangelization. Sharing the good news - that's the kerygma. And here's my confession - it scares me!

Now, I love talking about my faith. I love talking about God the creator, Jesus the savior, and the Holy Spirit our sanctifier. Put me in front of a group - no matter how small or how large - and I feel energized and motivated talking about faith.

But, to accompany one person, I feel that I lose my safety net. I don't want to make a mistake, turn them away from God rather than drawing them closer.

Then, I remember scripture. We are called to be 'fishers of men'. And we haven't been tossed out to sea without any help! We have the Holy Spirit at our side. He will prompt us with the words. And then, He will take over. He will fill them to overflowing with His graces and tug them forward on their own journey towards holiness. My role is to pray - just pray.

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