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Go out .....

This is Ben's quiet time. He sits in the dog bed - clearly Lucy, the dog, is on the couch. And Benny has his favourite things - his car, his rubik's cube, his stickers and his reading books.

When I saw this photo, I thought of my desk where I spend my quiet time. I have my bible, my rosary, notebooks, computer, books and books and books, my card decks of quotes - all my favourite things.

Those quiet times for me are times for prayer, and for learning. I also discover new and exciting things and I delight in that! I hope that in those quiet times my faith is deepening. I relax a bit more about not understanding everything. I feel at peace with allowing a mystery to just be a mystery. Trusting in God that He will reveal understanding to me at the pace He sets.

But I also thought of something else when looking at Benny. Quiet time is wonderful and necessary in a boy's life. But so is running and jumping and playing and meeting up with his friends on the trampoline.

So too is quiet time wonderful for me. But our faith is not just about learning and reading and prayer. Our faith is also filled with action - action for the love of God. The 'doing' part of our faith. Every time we interact with others, we act out our faith. We communicate, through our actions and our words, the depth of our love for God.

We go out in faith. We go out in mission. We go out in love.

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