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New resolve and new beginnings

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

I feel like I have already put Christmas behind me. I have to admit that I have put away all my decorations and taken down the tree. It was a different type of celebration this year. Facetime calls - but really missed the excitement of seeing family. There were three at the Christmas table - my husband and me and my mother who lives alone. So no loud voices filled with laughter and the usual nerf gun fights and card games. But.....

It was a good Christmas filled with reflection. I thought more about Jesus this year than I had the energy to do last year. I imagined the world waiting for Him to arrive - and I thought that, in a way, we were waiting this year. If there was ever a year for thoughts about salvation and repentence and love, this was it!

Now, I am thinking about my resolutions for the year to come. This year my focus was on the virtues of kindness and humility. 2021 will be about prayer and docility. I hope my prayers will become more frequent and not just start my day - but end it as well. And I will spend as much time listening to Jesus - as talking. And, no matter how this year unfolds, I will remain focused on the journey - not the stops.

So, I wish you a very happy new year - and pray that the Holy Spirit continues to inspire you and fill you with His love!

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Jan 01, 2021

I look forward to reading and following regularly. To say I’m proud of the author would infer some part in the creation of this space ... which is untrue; however there is deep gratitude in my heart that it has been shared 💜

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