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It only takes a moment ......

I never stop being amazed at how the Holy Spirit works in my life. Of course, you can go through your day never seeing His presence but if you pause, just for a moment, and look for Him, you will see Him.

I have a routine - praying each morning when I am on my treadmill. And in those prayers, I am always asking the Holy Spirit for inspiration and guidance. I feel close to Him during the quiet of my prayers. But once I step off the treadmill, the day begins and life gets busy. It is only as I close my eyes at night that I remember to search for His presence in the day just ending.

But, today, I was reminded that He is always working in my life. As usual, this morning I read the daily reflections from Live in Grace by Bob Goff, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and the Laudate app. None of the three are connected - yet more often than not, all three align with the message I need to receive that day. Today is one of those days.

It isn't a coincidence. I realize it is the Holy Spirit working in my life.

And I am going to commit to reflect more often about the Holy Spirit in my day. What tugs have I missed? What promptings left unanswered? I ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration and guidance yet never pause to feel His presence. It only takes a moment .....

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