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Pondering them in her heart

Every morning, I get on the treadmill and pray a scriptural rosary. This morning, I prayed the Joyful Mysteries and one line kept resounding in my prayers - Pondering them in her heart.

I have been stressed and anxious about a number of things in my world right now and my prayers are full of requests for strength, for courage, for fortitude and for peace and calm. I truly want to be docile to the Holy Spirit and hand things over, but it just seems impossible and worries sneak into my thoughts whenever I am still.

So, I paid attention when this phrase kept repeating itself. That little voice that tells you to take notice - it is most important. And I realized what it meant.

Whenever Mary heard something that she didn't understand or it seemed unsettling, she treasured it and settled it in her heart to ponder. It is the heart that the Holy Spirit knows intimately because it is in the heart that love resides. So I have put my anxieties and stresses in my heart to ponder while I let the Holy Spirit unravel and smooth them out - strand by strand. I don't need to deal with all at once but I can trust the Holy Spirit to help me deal with them a little at a time.

I won't ignore them. I won't let them weigh me down. But I will treasure them and ponder them as the Holy Spirit designs.

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