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As things settle down

Phew! Time feels like it is getting back to normal. December came in so quickly and time seemed to accelerate until New Year's Day. I woke up each morning thinking about a million things to do and putting my head on my pillow each night already building up a list for the next day. But this morning - I woke up with just two things on my list: this post and quiet time.

It is in the quiet time that I am able to center myself. I feel closest to the Holy Spirit when I am silent. It is still difficult to discern the tugs and only when I turn in the right direction do I feel, rather than hear, that little click as if a gear has set itself in the right position.

But my heart can sense His presence in the quiet. There is a warmth, a peace and a joy.

So as things settle down, I have now made my way to my office. I have my books around me - my Word on Fire bible front and center. And I will open it to Hebrews where I left off a few weeks ago confident that my routine has returned and I am wrapped in the mantle of His love and grace...... as things should be.....

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