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Back on track .....

I am back on track! Woohoo!!! Out of quarantine and feeling good.

But I will say, I didn't hate being isolated over Christmas. I missed seeing our grandchildren and having a big family dinner but I also enjoyed the intimacy of the conversations with Bruno.

With no rush to get anywhere, we lingered for sometimes an hour or more after dinner at the table, just talking. We talked about everything - topics dancing freely from one thing to another. Neither of us in a rush. It was ..... wonderful!

And during that time, we established our priorities. It was like a shake of our shoulders to go back to basics and remember what is important and what is not. What is necessary and what is not. What is just busy-ness and what is not.

So here we are today, feeling refreshed. Both feeling more balanced. I recall a quote from a homily I heard yesterday (yes, when I watch online masses, I surf around for homilies I like! That's the best part of online masses!). The quote was: The three wise men arrived carrying earthly treasures in their hands and left carrying heavenly treasures in their hearts.

I know that is true about our two weeks of isolation. We were focused on the earthly treasures in our hands when we were thrust into isolation. And we are walking out of isolation with heavenly treasures in our hearts.

Holy Spirit, fill us with your graces to overflowing that we might always remain focused on the heavenly treasures. May we always keep Jesus at the center of our lives.

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