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Being prepared ......

Take a look at Benny in this photo. He is watering flowers in the rain. He is wearing his mother's hard hat, ready for any emergency. He has on boots because you never know where you might tread.

Benny is prepared for anything.

That is what our faith is all about - being prepared for anything.

The flowers clearly don't need watering in the rain - and praying isn't just for the times when our hearts are broken. We pray always. You don't stop talking to a friend because you have no need of them. You talk to them because you love talking to them. It should be the same with Jesus.

The hard hat seems so unnecessary in the garden. But we are told in scripture to "put on the whole armor of God" (Ephesians 6:11). You just never know when you will be tempted and will need to stand firm in your faith. So, like Benny, always wear your hard hat.

And Benny wears his boots because you never know where you might tread. And when you do tread somewhere nasty, call on the gift of right judgement from the Holy Spirit. Like Benny's boots, you will walk on through the 'nasty' without a sideways glance.

Seems Benny has all things covered. Do we?

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