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Fish out of water .....

I just got back from visiting my grandsons - Matthew and Benny - in BC. They live on an island in the north of the province. I am a city girl and always feel like a fish out of water when I visit.

But look at the photo of the boys walking along the pier. Look how beautiful it is! We didn't spend our time on busy streets, in crowded playgrounds or walking through malls. We went on trails, swam in secluded coves, dove off piers and walked down quiet lanes. How different from my life here!

And how different my prayers.

Awe and reverence for God as I took in the beauty and majesty of the trees reaching up and up into the deep blue sky. Thanks in my heart as I stared deep into the clear water at the rocks below. And, of course, a love that grows deeper each day, for my grandsons who respected all things - plants, insects and animals - with a tenderness that helped me to see things differently.

By the end of the week, I felt comfortable and at home. After all, when all the busy-ness disappears - the noise, the traffic, the people - God's presence is much easier to find. And that is where home is.

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