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Giving thanks.....

This week, I have done a number of things for people because I love them. Because it is the right thing to do. Because I can. For all kinds of reasons but not for thanks.

But .... LOL .... it is amazing how many do not say thank you. Just a quick e-mail or text, or a telephone call. I don't expect it but I am amazed at how often 'thank you' is not given. And that makes me think about God.

God loves us and for that reason alone He gives us all that we need. But He must feel the same way I do about thanks. He doesn't expect it and He doesn't give so that He will hear it - but He must wonder at how often we just accept His gifts without a word.

The things that I have done this week for others aren't even close to the wonderful gifts I have received from God - each and every day. If there is only time in your day for one prayer, let it be a heartfelt thank you to God!

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Thank you for your inspirational posts.

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