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God is the compass....

I have been working through Trust - a program in the CCO series - with a friend. We have spoken at length over the last two weeks about Divine Providence. What does it mean to hand control over to God? And not just, what does it mean, but how do you do that?

While I don't even imagine I know the answer, I do feel better about the beginning of an understanding. I trust God to be my compass. When prayerfully deciding on a direction, one will begin to feel right. That is God - my compass. But then it is up to me to take the steps along the way. If I move away from Him, I trust that He will nudge me back.

I don't need to know the end destination - I trust that God knows it. But I do need to ask at every step - does this bring me closer to Him or move me further away? Then take the step with confidence that God will clear the way.

If we approach God with love and, through prayer, with relationship, then when we look back on our little steps, we will see that He was always in control.

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