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Is this the hill......

Over the last few days, the same scripture passage has appeared twice at my desk - Mark 10:17-27 (The Rich Man). This means only one thing - it is time to pay attention.

The young rich man has a deep desire to share in everlasting life. He approaches Jesus freely. He asks Jesus, "What must I do?" Jesus answers that he must keep the commandments. Again, the young man has confirmed that he is still on that narrow path to holiness - he has kept the commandments. Finally, Jesus, looking at him with love, asks him to sell what he owns. The young man sadly walks away. He has reached his road block.

We all will encounter road blocks on the way. The young man is reluctant to give up his wealth. But wealth isn't always defined as possessions or money. It could be a friendship, or even a promotion. It will be something you truly treasure or desire.

Yesterday, I reached such a road block. It was a request to participate in an event that I know I would love. An event that would energize me and excite me. But there is a balancing act in your life when you are a wife, a mother, a grandmother..... The time I spend on things outside those roles is limited and precious. And the event would not take me closer to Jesus. It would only be satisfying my own pride and self-fulfillment. But I so wanted to participate.....

I know there will be times when I need to stand firm and ensure I find the time to spend on things focused on God - and this is not one of them. This is not the hill to die on. This is the thing I will pass on and continue my journey on that narrow path.

I know there will be other road blocks and Jesus will ask me to leave something behind. I hope I will be strong and ready, counting on the Holy Spirit to take my hand. But this time, I walk away with confidence towards Him. This was not the hill.......

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