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Life's tapestry

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

This morning I was thinking about all the friends who have weaved their way back into my life - or I have weaved my way back into their life! Either way, I remembered reading that our lives are like the threads of a tapestry. Our encounters with others create beautiful patterns. The patterns change as our circle of friends grow but often we come back to the same patterns again and again.

I am so grateful to be back with my old friends. I cherish and love my new ones and I am excited for the journeys yet to come. But my old friends hold witness to a part of my life that formed me. We played together as children and we became young adults learning from each other. We are all from different cultures and backgrounds - and, I think each of us will agree, we were brought up with values - good values - from each of our families. I was as close to their parents as they were to mine.

I remember sitting at kitchen tables talking about all kinds of things. We could talk with each other's parents about things we couldn't talk about with our own. It was those talks that formed our lives.

My friends are woven into my first two books. They will always be a part of who I am ..... and who I am yet to be.

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