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Not the week we expected .....

Well, this turned out to be a very different week than we expected. My son was expected to arrive today from BC but cancelled last Thursday due to the Omicron virus and the numbers climbing so high. This would have been our first Christmas together in probably seven or eight years.

Then, on Saturday, my husband tested positive for COVID. He wouldn't have taken the rapid test except that everyone is doing it for the holidays and we were having our granddaughter over for a sleepover on Saturday night. He's just had confirmation with a PCR test. I tested negative but I'm guessing I will need to go for another test in a few days.

So we are in isolation for at least ten days. All Christmas gifts are wrapped. Our trip to Ottawa to see our other grandchildren is cancelled. I haven't seen my Mom since last Monday. And we have a turkey in the freezer and cranberry in our cupboard. All my baking is done and we have tins of Christmas cookies that won't be given to friends. And our two seats are booked at St Francis of Assisi for Christmas mass.

I know these are weird times but I do feel low. Not like me.

But then, I walked into my bedroom this morning and saw this cross-stitch on my wall - Kissing the Face of God by Morgan Weistling. Christmas isn't about presents, cookies or turkey. Christmas is about love and joyful expectations realized! Jesus's arrival in history, in mystery and in majesty.

Being isolated over Christmas is a shaking of my shoulders. A reminder that our eyes and our hearts should be focused on that tiny baby who sits at the center of our lives. I have been blessed this year with the time to reflect and rejoice - truly rejoice - in Christ's birth!!!

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