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Patience in all things.....

I am a cross stitcher. I am currently finishing a 150,000 stitch tapestry. I love it. And, clearly, the most important thing is to have patience. And I have it in abundance. This is my sixth or seventh one of this size.

So, why do I not have patience with myself about my faith? I want to read a passage from scripture and understand it right away! I read theology books and come away with tears in my eyes because I am just not getting something. And, when I am in discussions about growth in my faith, I come away with knots in my stomach because I am worried that I have such a long way to grow.

I pray about these things and wait for some eye-popping lightning bolt to bring about understanding. And it doesn't come.

So, I realized, this morning, that what I haven't done is sit quietly. Let the things that I read, the things that I hear, settle. Give them time to move from my head to my heart. Does it matter if they reach my heart today or tomorrow or in a year from now? It only matters that I trust the Holy Spirit to prepare my heart and to receive the understanding through my love of Christ.

And that, my dear friends, requires patience. And, I have that.

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