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Practice what I preach

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The last session I ran this week was Docility to the Holy Spirit. I realize I wrote about the session on Barriers to Living in the Spirit in my last blog. Amazing! Truly. It doesn't matter how many times you hear a message about faith, there is always something new that touches you. I think about how many times it was said in the bible that Mary pondered all these things in her heart. This week I am pondering docility to the Holy Spirit. Am I asking - truly asking - for the Holy Spirit to lead me?

It has been a frustrating two weeks. Westbow Press, the publisher I thought I was contracted to use on my fourth book, The Gate through the Old Elm Tree, has cancelled my contract with them - with a penalty!! And it isn't just a few dollars! The reason: I have animals talking in this middle grade fantasy about Esther. Incredible. But they have my money.

So I went through disappointment, anger and helplessness - and then I remembered what I was teaching. Ask the Holy Spirit to take the lead. Show me the way. So I asked. And that day, I spoke to another publisher who advised me to register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. So I did.

The issue hasn't been resolved but I am no longer frustrated and angry. I feel - surprisingly - quite calm and accepting of how it might turn out. I trust the Holy Spirit. Let him lead.

Next time, I need to remember that earlier in the game!

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