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Pursuit of joy ......

The world is back in colour! When my grandchildren stay over, the first thing we say when everyone is awake is, "It is a sun-shiny day!" Well, today feels sun-shiny!

I am just leaving a period of darkness. It is part of the journey - but not an easy one. It was a number of family things where decisions were painful and emotional. Each path seemed to lead to more pain and more emotion. The spiral downwards moves quickly.

And, at the same time, I became untethered in my faith. I have chosen to leave a parish I truly cherish. For one real reason - the pursuit of joy. The absence of joy - in my church - has me searching for the Holy Spirit. With joy, I feel His presence.

So, I knew, this would be a period of prayer. When you hit the darkness, when there seems to be no solution, when you leave the comfort of life - you must pray through it. That's all you can do - and hand over each burden, one by one, to the Holy Spirit. Accept whatever decision is made, whatever direction you need to follow and trust that the Holy Spirit will fill you with the graces you will need.

And the Holy Spirit has. It is a sun-shiny day and I am taking steps forward with confidence. I feel - joyful!! My family is safe. They are wrapped in the mantle of Mary under her care for the rest of their own journeys and under the careful watch of the Holy Spirit.

And I will find a new parish and remain ever prayerful for that and for all the other things I need on that narrow road. I will remind myself about the pursuit of joy. It is through joy that we can discern where the Holy Spirit is leading. Have confidence in that and never stop pursuing it. Remain joy-filled always!

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