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Read what they read......

Many years ago when I was just at the start of my career, it was difficult to find mentors - particularly, in engineering, women mentors. When I did find one, I found all kinds of reasons to talk to her. One day, I remember her telling me that when you find someone you admire, someone who is where you want to be, read what they read, watch what they watch. Begin to think like them - not in a creepy sort of way! But in a way that helps you to see things - problems, solutions, risk - the same way they do. Aspire to behave like them!

Now, all these years later, I am reflecting on that very thing. Today, my journey is a different one. My career has ended and my vocation has started. This is the tougher one - that path to holiness, becoming the best version of myself.

My lesson session of Growth was titled Service and Witness. We talked about having Paul's (mentors), a Barnabas's (companions) and Timothy's (mentees) in our lives. I look at the people who are Paul and Barnabas in my life and remember - read what they read, watch what they watch, begin to think like them.

Discipleship is intentional......

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