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Stay in a state of grace .....

In my last blog, I mentioned three things we need to do as we begin again - stay in a state of grace, do your duty and pray. Let's start with the first one.

How do we stay in a state of grace? We remain conscious at all times that Jesus is at the center of our life. We look for the God-moments in our day - when did we feel God's presence, when did we see Him in someone else or in nature. We look at ourselves through God's eyes - are we moving closer to Jesus, are we striving to be the best version of ourselves, are we the person Jesus wants us to be. We think about the things we did well - and celebrate those things! We think about the things we didn't do well - and we repent. We tell God that we are sorry. We ask for forgiveness.

And we regularly participate in the sacraments - the Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation.

There is so much more but you will find it! In everything, look at God. He is always looking at you.

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