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The trust of a child .....

This past week, we had our little granddaughter living with us. We have never been with her for such an extended time and it was wonderful ..... and tiring! LOL That's Naomi, by the way, exploring with her older cousin, Myra.

Naomi left yesterday, so this morning, in my prayers, I assured Jesus that I would again focus on Him. But as I reflected back on the week, I realized that Jesus was in my thoughts all week - probably more than any other time. And it was through Naomi.

Her trust in us was so complete and unquestioning. She was confident that we loved her deeply and unconditionally and would never put her in harm's way. When she snuggled up during quiet time, she knew, without asking, that we would just open our arms and wrap them around her. When we walked her down the street or strapped her in her car seat, she never questioned where we were going. She trusted that it would be somewhere good and that she only had to sit back and let the adventure begin.

This past week, I wasn't ignoring Jesus! I was learning how to trust Him as a child trusts - confident in His love, and going where He wants me to go. Naomi taught me that. God's angels speak to us in the most beautiful ways ......

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